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Promoter of the project Pasaia-Rabanne, razones del imaginario.

The Musical Association Illumbe was funded in 1972 with the goal of supporting and promoting musical culture in Trintxerpe-Pasaia.

During this 45 years the association has been involved in almost every musical event in the district. On the Celebration of its 30 year anniversary Illumbe lead the production of the opera El Acomodador, and to celebrate its 40th they collaborated organizing the musical Mariren Laberintoa.

It has consolidate activities such as the Trintxerpe Musikaz Blai sessions that were created to commemorate the 35th anniversary and are held annually. At this sessions different music schools and a variety of bands, solo players, choirs, etc. are brought together and has a special attention to local instruments.

Relationship with Paco Rabanne

The first official visit to Trintxerpe from Paco Rabanne was organized by the Association to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In that occasion, an special event took place with the designer giving his bless to the new rowing boat from the Trintxerpe rowing club  with his name on it.

From that event on the relationship was kept, and it was after consolidated when Rabanne collaborated designing the costumes for the opera produced by Illumbe El Acomodador .